Brian Brandon
Kanji ブライアン・ブランドン
Romaji Buraian Burando
Alias Bran
Personal Details
Status Alive
Gender Male
Affiliation Royal Investigation Service
Debut Episode 1
Japanese Toshiyuki Toyonaga
English Khoi Dao
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Brian Brandon is an inspector with the RIS and one of the supporting characters in B: The Beginning.


Brian Brandon is the kid brother member of the team. While he is sociable, he is also somewhat socially awkward and is much more of a thinker than a fighter. But, he can be brave and resourceful when the situation calls for it. This is proven when he fights off his attacker while managing to leave evidence behind so that Keith could capture his assailant.

He is also a bit of a tech-wiz himself.


Brian Brandon is a young man with light brown hair and blue eyes. Although he has a almost-fit-but-a-little-too-skinny look, he's actually more of a computer geek. In the anime, he is usually seen with his computer.



Brandon is good friends with Lily Hoshina and Mario Luis Zurita, since they went to police academy together.


"Holy shit, I can't believe it's really him, Mario, it's Keith Flick!" - Brandon




  • Brandon is somewhat of a Keith Kazama Flick fanboy, as multiple documentaries and books about him can be found in his desk drawer, including one titled "The History of Keith".


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