Episode 1 is the first episode in the B: The Beginning series. It premiered on March 2, 2018.


Keith rejoins the RIS just in time to work a brutal double murder involving "Killer B." Then an unknown group steals a military vehicle for a rampage.[1]


A gagged woman woman is being chased through a dark forest at night. Two men -- Henry and Richard Crouse -- with recurve bows and night vision goggles gleefully chase her across the forest. Another man -- Julian Crouse -- in a van watched through a live feed from the night vision goggles and laughs manically. The woman is shot down with an arrow through the leg and falls to the ground in agony. A myserious red-haired man observes this from the carpark where the van in parked.

The three Crouse brothers question whether the woman is dead, and pull the arrow out of her leg to find out. She writhes as the arrow is pulled out to the further delight of the brothers. They prepare to dissect her with a pair of plain metal shears.

Out of nowhere, a storm of feathers and a blue blade descends on the two brothers in the forest and decapitates both before they are even aware of it. Julian Crouse cries this brothers' names in grief and denial at the sight of his dead brother's decapitated head on the night vision feed when a single large, inhuman eye enters into view of the night vision lense and is shown through his tablet. Julian screams in horror.

The episode then cuts to the OP, and then further to an areial view of a charming seaside town called the "Old Town". A young man -- Koku -- is walking leisurely on top of the very peaks of roof tops and casually jumps off the three storey building to street level. He walks from the inner town to a two-storey house located in the outer suburbs after buying a number of red bean buns that had been baked that morning by a baker in the town. It is also the workshop of a family of luthiers and thus bears a sign with the family's business' name: "Stella del Mattino".

A young woman in a uniform jacket proclaiming her to be part of the RIS -- Lily Hoshina -- races out of the house, shouts that she's late to Koku, and drives away in a hurry. She quickly drives back soon afterwards, shouting that she has left her ID behind. It is implied that Lily accepts the red bean buns that Koku offers to her.

The episode cuts to Lily's car driving up a mountain road through the forest of the opening scene, to arrive at the scene of the Crouse brothers' murder. The RPc


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