Erika Flick
Erika Flick
Romaji エリカ
Personal Details
Status Deceased
Gender Female
Relatives Heath Kazama Flick (adoptive father, deceased)
Keith Kazama Flick (adoptive brother)
English Cristina Vee
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Erika Kazama Flick is a minor character in B: The Beginning. She was Keith's sister who was killed prior to the series.


From what can be told about her, Erika was a very kind woman who could cheer up anyone.


Erika had shoulder-length black hair and brown eyes. She apparently looks very similar to Lily, however she used to wear red glasses.

Erika also had three distinctive birthmarks shaped like three stars on her the back of her left shoulder.



Erika was adopted into the Flick family when she was a toddler. She grew up with Keith and attended some of the same schools with him.

Erika's Murder

When Erika and Keith attended university, she apparently met Gilbert Ross and the two of them became friends. However, Gilbert developed feelings for her, and was shocked to discover that Erika had romantic feelings toward her adoptive brother, Keith. Out of shock, Gilbert kidnapped, tortured and murdered her by slicing up her body. He then dumped her body in the mountains where it was later discovered. Her murder became the driving force for Keith's hunt for her killer, 8 years later [1].

Killer B Incidents

Despite being dead, Erika's presence still lingers in the minds of her loved ones. She is very much the cause for Keith getting involved with the Killer B cases and Gilbert still speaks to her now and again as a ghost.


Keith Kazama Flick

Keith is Erika's older brother. The two of them are not related by blood, with Erika being adopted into Keith's family. However, they were apparently close when she was alive, with Gilbert Ross suggesting that Erika had romantic feelings for Keith.

Keith was deeply traumatized when his sister was murdered and became obsessed with finding her killer. He eventually gets over her death when he takes down her killer, Gilbert Ross.

Gilbert Ross

Prior to her murder, Erika and Gilbert were friends who had known each other for a long time. Gilbert apparently had feelings for Erika and viewed her as his light who could keep his more murderous urges at bay. That all changed, however, when Gilbert realized that Erika had illicit feelings for her older adoptive brother, Keith. Gilbert then kidnapped, tortured and murdered Erika before dumping her body and had a Reggie named Dead Kyle take the blame for her murder.




Erika is a old Norse name that means 'ever-powerful' or 'eternal ruler.' Her name also refers to a genus of plants called 'Heather.'

In Japanese, the kanji that composes Erika translates to 'Beneficial Pear Fragrance.'



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