Gilbert Ross
Kanji ギルバート・ロス
Romaji Girubato Rosu
Personal Details
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Occupation Coroner
Affiliation Royal Police, Market Maker
Debut Episode 1
Japanese Toshiyuki Morikawa
English John DeMita
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Gilbert Ross was the head forensics coroner at the Royal Investigative Service. He served as the main antagonist in B: The Beginning.


Gibert Ross had short white hair with blue eyes. He was always seen wearing turtleneck sweaters and his lab coat when performing his duties as coroner.


Gilbert Ross was a very complicated character. At first, Gilbert appears to be a nice guy who harbored faith in Keith and wished for him to get over his sister, Erika's death. He also had a smoking problem which he tried to hide.

However, later in the series, it's revealed that Gilbert was actually not the man that he made himself out to be; having a 'dissociative personality disorder.'

For most of the time, Gilbert appeared to be normal to everyone around him, however at night, Gilbert's more psychotic side emerged to commit murders. In this state, Gilbert appeared to be rather ruthless and sadistic, often employing mind games against Keith and liked inflicting pain on others. However once the murder was over, Gilbert would reset himself back to his normal personality to forget the memory of having committed such murders.

Gilbert also suffered from a inferiority complex to Keith Flick. He constantly lamented that he was unable to beat 'Genie' and strived to beat him, even if that meant making Keith kill him.

Gilbert was also in love with Keith's sister, Erika. Despite being the one who killed her, Gilbert still talked to her being unable to get over her murder. He was also quite dependent on Erika's memory to suppress his more destructive urges.






Gilbert a name that is Norman-French in origin deriving from the Germanic Gisilberht or Gisalberht, meaning 'Bright Pledge.'

The first element, Gil-, comes from Germanic gīsil, meaning "shaft of an arrow" or gisal "pledge, hostage", while the second element, -bert comes from Germanic -behrt, short form of beraht, meaning "bright" or "famous".

The surname Ross has its roots in Scottish Galic and German, though the original spellings differ slightly.

Traditional Scottish Gaelic spelling ros Scottish Gaelic for 'promontory' or 'headland,' it is an English and Scottish habitational surname; derived from the custom of naming people after the place where they originated.

One of three traditional German names for equines: Pferd, Ross, Rössel. Ross is now only used in parts of Southern Germany and is not used in normal conversational German as it is perceived as poetic, archaic, or restricted to noble riding horses.


  • It's interesting to note that the Germanic elements that make up the first part of Gilbert's name, gisil which means "pledge" also means "hostage," signifying that Gilbert is his own hostage to his more murderous instincts.


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