Jean Henri Richard
Kanji ジャン・アンリ・リシャール
Romaji Jan Anri Risharu
Personal Details
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Affiliation Royal Investigation Unit
Market Maker
Debut Episode 1
Japanese Atsushi Goto
English Keith Osterberg
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Jean Henri Richard is one of the main supporting characters in B: The Beginning. He has known Keith Kazama Flick for a long time and is an inspector with the Royal Investigative Services who works as a member of Erik's team.


Jean Henri Richard has a kind and laid-back personality. He will act professional on the job and will often scold others for not paying attention.

However, in Episode 5, it is revealed that this is just an act as he is an unwillingly undercover agent for Market Maker who was forcibly and used as a pawn by Minatsuki. In this persona, Jean appears not to be in control of himself and has apparently been brainwashed by Laica/Minatsuki.


Jean Henri Richard has short brown hair and brown eyes. He often wears a white long-sleeved, button up shirt and brown pants with overall attachments.

He looks to be in his late mid-30s to early 40s.


After Brian Brandon discovers Market Maker's surveillance system, Jean attempts to kill him. He is unsuccessful though and when he returns to try and finish him off, he is stopped by Keith. Instead of being taken in, he kills himself under orders from Regulus and attempts to frame Keith for his murder/suicide.


Keith Kazama Flick

Jean has known Keith for a very long time. He was there when Keith's sister was murdered and was a member of the investigation team that handled Erika Flick's murder case. He was also there when Keith kidnapped and tortured Dead Kyle and was shocked by what happened.

Jean is also one of Keith's long-time friends, along with Boris Meyer. Despite knowing Keith for a long time, Jean admits that he can't understand Keith's "Genie~isms" or what's rolling around in Keith's head.






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