Kaela Yoshinaga
Kanji 吉永カエラ
Romaji よしなが カエラ
Personal Details
Status Alive
Gender Female
Affiliation Royal Investigation Service
Debut Episode 1
Japanese Ami Koshimizu
English Allegra Clark
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Kaela Yoshinaga is one of the main supporting characters in B: The Beginning. She is an investigator for the Royal Investigative Service and is the main hacker for Eric's RIS team.


Kaela is a sassy, tech-savvy young woman. She is straight-forward and rather blunt about her opinions, however, she does care about the others.

Kaela usually remains business-like on the job, however, when the job is over, she likes to relax and go out for drinks with her friends. She also gets excited by the prospect of getting more weird cases now that Keith Kazama Flick has been made a full member of the team.


Kaela has wavy, shoulder-length blonde hair and brown eyes. She also wears glasses and normally wears a blue long-sleeved, buttoned up T-shirt and a knee high skirt with brown or black tights/pantyhose and matching heals when on the job.


Powers and Abilities

  • Expert Hacker - Kaela is an extremely skilled hacker who can get into practically anything given time. She can operate a computer and write codes with her feet and can track anything when given specific directions.


Eric Toga

Kaela and Eric have known each other for a long time. She often goes drinking with him when off the job and is aware of his drinking quirks where he angrily voices all of his complaints about the team at the top of his lungs. Beyond that, the two of them maintain a professional relationship.






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