Personal Details
Status Alive
Gender Male
Debut Episode 7
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Kirisame is a character in B: The Beginning, and one of Koku's childhood friends back at Jaula Blanca. He supposedly perished during the attack after he sacrificed himself to save Koku, but he was later revealed to have survived and is looking forward to meeting Koku again.





Dr. Kazame telling Kirisame to take Koku to a different shelter.

Kirisame is mostly seen in flashbacks, being one of the children in Jaula Blanca Institute. During the attack by the Reggies on the Institute, Dr Kazama orders Kirisame to take Koku to a different shelter in the woods where he promises them they will both be safe. After convincing Koku to leave behind his friends, specifically Yuna, Kirisame and Koku run into the woods. Just as they reach the tree shelter, they are attacked by the soldiers. Kirisame tells Koku to go into the shelter and lock the door, telling him he will see him soon. Kirisame's arm turns into blue steel and he runs to attack the soldiers with some of the other children that arrived on scene.


Kirisame protecting Koku with his blue steel sword arm.


Kirisame dead from his wounds.

When Koku leaves the tree shelter after the fight, Kirisame seems to have died from wounds, along with the other children. Koku goes back to the Institute, and after receiving instructions on what to do, cuts off Kirisame's arm so he can have that ability.

Kirisame's arm of blue steel sword is then used by Koku all throughout the show. During Koku's fight with Laica/Minatsuki, Koku tells Minatsuki that his friends, including Kirisame, are living on within him.

In the post-credits scene of the last episode, Kirisame is revealed to be alive. He admonishes an unknown person, telling him that the failure of taking down Koku was because they left it to a Reggie. He then states that he has been hoping to see Koku, to get his arm back and that he will keep his promise to Koku of seeing him soon.



When he was younger, Kirisame used to habitually pick on Koku and Yuna and get into fights with Koku by teasing Koku and Yuna about their relationship. However, on the night of the attack on the research institute, Kirisame showed that he was willing to sacrifice his life to protect Koku because he was their king and promised to see him again.


Yuna is also one of the children who was at the same research facility as Kirisame; whom used to pick on her in order to get Koku to fight him. Even though, they are fellow clansmen of the Black-winged king, Kirisame is not as close to Yuna.

Heath Kazama Flick

To Kirisame, Heath was akin to a father figure. He was the one who raised Kirisame and Kirisame always made sure to obey Heath's orders, especially when it was important.






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