Kanji ライカ
Romaji Raika
Alias Laica, 'Real' Minatsuki
Personal Details
Status Deceased
Race Perfect Reggie
Gender Male
Affiliation Market Maker
Japanese Yu Kitada /
English Xander Mobus
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Laica is one of the main antagonist characters in B: The Beginning.




Being the only Reggie compatible with the eye of the Black King, he was isolated from all the kids in the institute. Gilbert Ross manipulated him, into thinking that he's only a harvester for Koku.

During the attack in the institute, he found a phantom Reggie, and named him Minatsuki to act in his place (although he's the one who's really pulling the strings).



“It’s just like the myth says. I guess the end won’t be happening here. It’s as if the inscription longs for the ending to take place at that spot.”

“This signifies the beginning of the end, as well as the long-awaited hour that will mark the crowning of a new black-winged king.”



Laica is the Latin singular form of the noun for a laywoman. One who has not received any of the religious orders granted by the Church and therefore does not belong to the clergy. It is also used as an adjective.

It is used in modern Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

The male form would be Laico ( Kanji: ライコ.)

The English form from the Mid 16th Century is laic, used as both a noun and an adjective. It is however used for both female and male members of the laity.


  • He's the main reason why Gilbert Ross orchestrated the attack on the institute.
  • Gilbert Ross described him as the "Perfect Reggie."==Navigation==
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