Minatsuki (Phantom)
Kanji 皆月
Personal Details
Status Deceased
Race Reggie
Gender Male
Affiliation Market Maker
Debut Episode 1
Japanese Kaito Ishikawa
English Johnny Yong Bosch
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Minatsuki was one of the main antagonists in B: The Beginning. He was one of the head agents of Market Maker, a shadowy government organization that controls Cremona's social order from the darkness.


Initially, Minatsuki is shown to be a cool and rational person. He is obsessed with capturing Koku for the sake of their plans and is mostly unaffected whenever Market Maker fails to capture Koku. Minatsuki is devoted to helping Regulus and is also willing to sacrifice his comrades and pawns to attain his goals.

As the series continues, Minatsuki is eventually revealed to be a Reggie, a failed byproduct of super-soldier experimentation to resurrect a set of ancient winged gods, led by the Black-Winged King. As a result of his Reggie nature, Minatsuki starts gradually losing his grip on his mind, due to the side-effects of being born a Reggie. He slowly starts developing a quick temper and becomes even more increasingly violent to the point that he starts killing his own comrades, as he starts losing control of his powers.

By the end of the series, Minatsuki completely loses his mind. He becomes obsessed with killing Koku and starts developing psychotic tendencies. It is then revealed that Minatsuki's personality is fake and that he is just a empty shell that was created by Laica (the true Minatsuki) to serve as his phantom. This revelation causes Minatsuki to doubt his identity and his mind to completely break down .


Minatsuki is a tall, long-blonde hair young man. He has blue-green eyes and often wears a black suit. He often wears red clown make-up over his eyes and has the Market Maker tattoo on his right hand.

Judging by his height and Reggie nature at the end of the series, Minatsuki's age can be said to be around 19 (at the start of the series) and almost 20 by the end of it.


Powers and Abilities

  • Expert Combatant: Minatsuki is an expert combatant. He is skilled at hand to hand combat and is an expert at using swords. His skill is so good that he can keep up with Koku, even as his mentality starts to fade.
  • Gold Steel Blade: After having his left arm cut off by Regulus (Gilbert Ross) to avoid dying from Blue Metal poisoning, Minatsuki gains a steel gold blade as a prosthetic replacement arm. It is capable of slicing through most things, however, it can be destroyed by an activated Lohengrin.
  • Superhuman Speed: Minatsuki is extremely fast. His speed allows him to avoid or deflect bullets with ease and he can also keep up with a progenitor (Koku).
  • Superhuman Strength: Being a Reggie, Minatsuki naturally has superhuman strength. He easily crush steel and can kill a person with his bare hands.







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