The Royal Investigation Service is a special branch of the Cremona Royal Police that's dedicated to investigating major serial murder cases.


The Royal Investigation Service was founded by the Cremona government and has been around for a long time. It was originally created to maintain peace in Cremona and is used to investigate crimes that the Royal Police can't handle.

The crime unit that Eric Toga heads up is the Royal Investigation Service Unit 1.2, which Keith Kazama Flick is a member of.

Section 1.2

Section 1.2. is a special unit that was originally created by Eric Toga to investigate the crimes of serial killers like Killer B and the murderer of Erika Kazama Flick's murder.

Though they are primarily made to investigate Killer B, most of the cases that they investigate wind up being the work of Reggies who work for Market Maker.

The team is composed of many elite individuals who hold talents that can be considered genius-level and they are dedicated to catching criminals.


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